Pornhub Accepts Crypto/BNB Token Burn/Funfair Token Spike/IMF Director’s Positive Crypto Post

pornhub accepts crypto
I’ve been following Crypt0 on YouTube for a while, and here I’ll be paraphrasing some of the comments he makes in his video, while adding a little commentary of my own.

For the last few days, the market has been relatively stable. If you’ve been holding lots of different coins, you’ve more or less evened out. I find it interesting that there hasn’t really been a big rally in 2018, but I took this as a signal of opportunity. While the crypto-enthusiasm cools, it’s not unwise to quietly start taking educated positions.

The recent partnering of Verge with Pornhub has elucidated some biases that I also shared. I didn’t think people paid for pornography as much anymore. There is so much free content online these days, it seems that actually shelling out for adult materials would be unnecessary. But I was wrong. Plenty of people still spend money on adult content, as shown in this popular recent infographic below:

pornhub accepts crypto

Charlie Lee sent a tweet to Pornhub requesting that the platform also start accepting Litecoin. This was interesting because it revealed that Charlie still doesn't own any of the currency:

pornhub accepts crypto

Chilean banks recently had closed the accounts of businesses involved with cryptocurrencies. As a result, these exchanges are taking the banks to appeals court to see if they could get a reversal. The three exchanges involved are Buda, CryptoMarket, and Orionx. I wish them luck. 

The IMF has been discussing Cryptocurrencies and not all of the feedback has been negative. One major consideration that keeps coming up in the discussion has to do with some kind of middle man to protect against fraudulent transactions. This is definitely a vulnerability for crypto, at the moment.

In the post from the IMF, they make comparisons between cryptocurrencies and the tulip mania of 17th century Holland. How many times have you seen someone on the internet make this comparison? Well, as it turns out, this story of Tulips so many people like to point to as an example of the perils of the free market, is an exaggeration.

Binance recently did their 3rd quarterly token burn. It’s to be expected that if there’s a demand for these tokens and the supply keeps decreasing, the price should increase. But for some reason, the price hasn’t been going up as expected.

Funfair has partnered with Spike games to create new versions of Funfair’s blockchain casino platform. These games built entirely on the blockchain will be starting with a revamp of ‘Alice Cooper’s School’s Out for Summer.’ While this project sounds interesting, it leads one to wonder who the target audience is for these products. Are the people who remember Alice Cooper the same as those now embracing this new technology for purposes of gambling?