Tron Predictions 2019 – Could Tron (TRX) hit $1 by year end?

tron predictions

What are your Tron Predictions for 2019?

If I had to make some Tron Predictions, I'd say the future is looking bright. Tron (TRX) keeps pushing the limits in attempts to become one of the top crypto tokens. With the migration from of the coin from Ethereum’s blockchain and the deployment of Odessey, the network’s new mainnet Tron has a bright future. Tron has officially migrated from the ERC-20 based coins across many popular exchanges such as Binance, Coinegg, OKEx, BitFinex, and Bithumb.

Former holders of the Ethereum-based coins were able to support the migration process by depositing them into supported exchange platforms. After, they were issued new digital assets.

Though the token is only valued at $0.036756, Tron (TRX) has still been getting lots of attention from the press. It seems that many are aware of the long-term potential of the coin to be a significant investment. Tron has unique intentions, aiming to decentralize the internet. This has inspired many buyers, hopeful for what they feel could be a new paradigm.

Tron (TRX) is showing signs of an emerging bull run, despite the recent declines in the last few weeks. Good news might be on the way for Tron traders. The Tron price recently increased by over 6%, pushing the above the moving averages for 55 days and 100 days.

Breaking through these resistance levels is a promising sign. Tron might be in for a massive reversal. This could be the beginning of a new appreciation for the coin, which could send the price surging to $0.1 this quarter. We might even see Tron reach a record high of 1US dollar not long after.

Tron vs. Ethereum

While there are strong indications that Tron could see a bull run, it is unclear which will be the better long-term investment.

Ethereum simply needs to maintain its current position to retain value. With a few enhancements and add-ons, it could be difficult for Tron to surpass. It still seems many investors are eyeing Tron as the wily underdog.

Challenges that could impede Tron’s price increase

The Developer Platform for Tron is still new, and adjustments still need to me. Tron is a contender against other coins with fully developed platforms. The developer networks have to reach maturity before Tron could see its potential.

It’s worth noting that Ethereum already had 250 thousand developers, with more people coming on board every day. It will be a challenge for Tron to overtake them with the current state of their developer network.

As a Chinese blockchain, it could give US investors could feet, as geopolitical strife might be seen as a risk. Western investors might be suspicious of Chinese technology, and this could prevent growth.

With the establishment of partnerships and improvements to their platform, Tron still shows some potential to grow exponentially. Some feel that Tron is currently underpriced. If so, it could rise to over $10 if all variables remain constant. What do you think?

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