Looking for wallets to keep your digital assets safe and secure? Here you can find all the information you require to decide which kind of wallet will be best for your needs. Whether it’s a software wallet, a paper wallet, or a hardware wallet, you’ll discover which kind of system is best for your needs.

best vechain wallet

The Best VeChain Wallet (VET) of 2020

The purpose of this article isn’t to endorse the Vechain blockchain. If you’re someone who has already done their due diligence and purchased tokens, you’re naturally going to want to investigate the best places to store your assets. In this article, I’ll describe some of the best wallets to store your VET.VECHAIN WALLETS – Quick …

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The Best Monero Wallet of 2020

Keep your Monero Safe and SecretMonero is a cryptocurrency system making use of cryptography to make sure that every transaction is untraceable. Originally named Bitmonero, this cryptocurrency is a fork of the Bytecoin blockchain created in 2014. The best quality of Monero is the amount of control it gives you over your holdings and transactions. Being …

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electrum wallet review

Electrum Wallet Review for 2020

Store Bitcoin on your Desktop Table of Contents Store Bitcoin on your DesktopWhat is Electrum?CompatibilityUser Interface and Set UpFees for BitcoinSecurityWhich currencies can I store?How do I make Bitcoin payments with Electrum?How secure is Electrum?Where can I get Electrum?PROSCONSHomescreenSimple and to the point Community SentimentSupportConclusionQuestions Asked and Replies This is one of the oldest established Bitcoin …

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The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2020

Table of Contents What are they?Five TypesA Word on ExchangesDesired Features Security ConsiderationsHardwareApps for Buying and SellingDesktop SoftwareBest MobileBest UniversalQuestions The Best Cryptocurrency WalletsCryptocurrency is becoming more and more mainstream in popular consciousness. Whether you’re someone who bought a few bitcoins during the boom in 2017, or if you’re a more seasoned digital currency trader, the …

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trezor and ledger

Trezor vs. Ledger

Table of Contents Trezor and LedgerPC Software WalletsOnline WalletsMobile WalletsPaper WalletsTrezor vs Paper WalletHardware WalletWhy Use a Hardware Wallet?HistoryLedgerComparisonsTrezor Setup & UsabilityDisplayCompatibilitySizeAppearance & DurabilityConclusion Trezor and LedgerOnline security is a huge concern these days. We all know that. If you have sensitive information, your safest option is to take it offline, or onto a closed, …

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