Editorial Process

Our Editorial Process

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping your digital assets secure. Let’s work together to find the best strategy for you, wherever you are in your cryptocurrency journey. 

The decisions you make about where you choose to keep your cryptocurrency could positively or negatively impact your future. As you might already be aware, when you leave your assets in the care of a platform online, they have the potential of being revoked or stolen at any moment. 

Keeping your coins and tokens in a hardware wallet you’ve secured yourself is empowering, providing you with the means to take charge of your financial future. It’s our responsibility to make sure you’re getting all the most pertinent facts you require when deciding which kind of wallet to purchase. 

Our mission is simple - to empower our readers to take control of their assets. 

Expert Writers

Our writers are knowledgeable and certified cryptocurrency experts. These experts are carefully selected for their extensive knowledge and study in the field, as well as their ability to discuss these topics in a clear and helpful well. 

Editorial Team

Our editorial team works hard to polish and improve the content you read on the site to make sure it’s helpful, trustworthy, understandable, up-to-date, and comprehensive. 

Review Board

Our review board is comprised of certified crypto professionals, many of which who are influencers in the field. They tirelessly work to provide the necessary critique to guarantee that our content is accurate and suitable for public consumption. 

Every piece of content is assessed by a reviewer whose specific area of expertise aligns with the topic. The reviewer will examine whether every piece of content, whether it’s an article, video, infographic, or any other resource. They will make sure each item is accurate, containing the latest facts and science-based research. 

If improvements are recommended, the editorial team will take action to address the required changes and implement them as soon as possible. Only after a reviewer has signed off on a piece of content is it officially stamped in the byline that they’ve assessed it. 

Fact Check

Qualified fact-checkers are another step in improving our content integrity. Oru fact-checkers rigorously review recommendations and returns for accuracy. 


There is so much news in the Crypto and Blockchain space and developments move lightning fast. It is our goal to only publish stories held to the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, trustworthiness, and thoughtfulness. 

We do our best to acquire information from primary sources, input from certified experts in the field. Global Crypto.Org attempts to go beyond regular news to provide all the context and insights to keep you abreast of industry changes. 

Up-To-Date Content

As technology advances information in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain fields can very quickly become obsolete. Our editorial team routinely reviews our existing content to check for details that might be out of date. We want to make sure that everything on our site reflects the most current guidelines, research, and statistics. 

If required, our content is re-edited, re-certified, and re-worked by our review board. If you happen to come across any outdated content, please feel free to contact us.